Original Composition "Everybody Sings"

Music by Marcus Venables

Words by Simon Gough and Marcus Venables

Instructions for


Submit your video recording by

NOV. 30,2018



Step 1: Print a copy of the sheet music.




Step 2: Watch the video for your vocal part and sing along. You will hear 4 bars of click track and then the piano introduction. A synth sound will play the selected vocal part.




Step 1: you will need to use headphones for the video recording. We only want your voice to be heard, not the track you are listening to.


Step 2: Check your microphone levels. If it is too loud the sound will distort and your recording may not be able to be used.


Step 3: VIDeo record yourself singing  Everybody Sings. We prefer that you use the file below that has only the backing track so that we don't hear the synth sound in your recording. BE sure to video record the whole song, even when your part isn't singing. Hit play on the audio file  below and then sing along.

Step 4: Make sure that you smile. At the end of the video hold still for 5 seconds before you stop the recording.

Step 5: Email your video recording to Simon_Gough@can.Salvationarmy.org. you may need to use a file sharing service, like dropbox, if the file is too large for an email. if you use one of these services, make sure the file is downloadable before you send it.

Everybody Sings Accompaniment Track - Music and Gospel Arts Canada and Bermuda
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Everybody Sings sheet music