An Easter Celebration

April 11, 7:30pm

Tickets Available


Lyric Theatre

5040 Yonge St. North York


International Staff Songsters

The International Staff Songsters is at the forefront of Salvation Army vocal music making in the UK and around the world. The group reaches thousands of people every year through festivals, worship services, choral workshops, performances in concert venues and radio broadcasts, as well as via CDs and downloads.

Canadian Staff Band

The Staff Band sets the example for all aspects of Salvation Army banding in the Canada and Bermuda territory. The band members are dedicated to the primary task of winning souls for Jesus through a motivation of musical enjoyment and an honest desire to witness for Christ.

Canadian Staff Songsters

Through its ministry, the Canadian Staff Songsters aims to enrich the faith of Salvationists across the territory and beyond, to solidify the mission of the Army in the hearts and minds of those who hear them sing, and move the Army forward in faith.


NEON is a contemporary Worship Team that has been formed to assist corps and divisions across our territory in worship. Whether through providing music for corporate worship, assisting and training worship leaders or writing, publishing and recording new expressions of Salvation Army worship, NEON is committed to helping others connect with God.